Dreadful Penny


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Sometimes the skeletons in the closet are real.

Greenville, South Carolina, 1972.

Penelope Drake knows the ghosts and demons lurking in her hometown aren’t just figurative. After all, her father’s spirit haunts the office of the detective agency she inherited from him.

When Ephraim Brown, an old friend of her father, asks Penelope to investigate a break-in at his home, she’s hesitant. Breaking and entering is normally something she’d leave for the police, but with no other prospects in sight, she reluctantly agrees. The simple burglary, however, turns out to be just the beginning, as the brutal supernatural attack that follows makes it clear someone is using dark magic to try to destroy Ephraim Brown and his family.

It’s up to Penelope, along with her cagey assistant Zed and her friend Charles—who happens to know a bit of magic himself—to bring this scheme of revenge and murder to a halt before it’s too late. Because if they don’t, Penelope gets the distinct feeling the Brown family won’t be the hidden foe’s last target.

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Unsettled SpiritsBuy: Amazon | Autographed

It’s summertime in the South, but the temperature isn’t all that’s rising.

Greenville, South Carolina, 1972

Demons and ghosts are prowling the sultry days and nights, searching for unsuspecting souls to ensnare. When a strange accident puts an employee of the Brown Tractor & Farm Supply Co. in the hospital, Bertram Brown calls on the private detective services of Penelope Drake, who finds herself drawn into the Brown family’s intrigues once again.

At her side as always are her friends Zed and Charles, but they each have their own monsters to slay, some figurative, others quite real.

This time, though, Penelope is determined to find out who is targeting the Brown family, because the answer to that question could shed light on secrets her own father has kept from her. To uncover the truth, she’ll have to go up against not only sinister supernatural forces, but also overeager ghost hunters, a crusading preacher, and even her father’s ghost.

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Local HauntsBuy: Amazon | Autographed

Ghosts of the past, present, and future come together, and it isn’t even Christmas.

Greenville, South Carolina, 1972

A string of brutal murders has the city on edge. All the victims have one thing in common—they worked for the Brown Tractor & Farm Supply Co. With the police stumped, Penelope Drake, private detective, takes it upon herself to follow the grisly clues left by the killer.

Once again, she calls upon her friends Charles and Zed to help. Charles, though, is dealing with the ghost of Millie Priest, a Prohibition-era jazz singer who haunts his home and offers him a refuge from his pain. At the same time, an unexpected glimpse of his future leaves Zed questioning everything he thought he understood about his unusual magical talents.

None of them are prepared for the revelations about the killer or his motivations. As horrific as the murders are, they merely presage something far more sinister, something related to an incident in Penelope’s father’s past. In the end, she might have to choose between finding out the truth about her father or stopping the killer.

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Legend TripBuy: Amazon | Autographed

Happiness is more than just a state of mind.

Greenville, South Carolina, 1972

Penelope’s father is gone, again. His ghost doesn’t haunt the home they used to share anymore— not since a rogue magician tried to kill her and her friends there. She’s not ready to let him go, though, and his absence has left her adrift.

Zed, meanwhile, is preoccupied with his new relationship, but the strain of having to hide his involvement with Jake Dempsey threatens to push them apart, not to mention Jake’s disturbing prophetic visions. At the same time, Charles is pulled farther into the alternate world of the enchanting jazz singer Millie Priest. As the date of her real-life death draws closer, Charles desperately tries to piece together how she was killed, without knowing if he can stop her murder, or if he should.

But the trouble with the Brown family never seems to end. When Ephraim Brown is abducted by supernatural forces, the trio must once again come together to save him. Their only clue is a cryptic one-word message—happiness. Could it also be the key to finally learning all the secrets Penelope’s father kept from her?

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