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J. Matthew Saunders’ debut novel is Dracula meets The DaVinci Code, a contemporary thriller masterfully interwoven with historical dark fantasy. This love letter to Bram Stoker is a must read!

—Darin Kennedy, author of The Mussorgsky Riddle

Buda, Ottoman Hungary, 1599: Yasamin, the naïve daughter of an Ottoman bureaucrat, finds herself trapped in an arranged marriage to the son of the powerful governor of Buda. She is unprepared for the gossip and scheming rampant in the palace but realizes she faces more than petty jealousies when someone tries to drown her in the baths on the day before her wedding.

Berlin, Germany, 1999: Adam Mire, an American professor of history, discovers a worn, marked-up copy of Dracula. The clues within its pages send him on a journey across the stark landscape of Eastern Europe, searching for a medallion that once belonged to Dracula himself.

This is  the story of Yasamin, the first Bride of Dracula, a story of obsession and betrayal spanning four hundred years. Read more.