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Mischief Madness MourningMischief Madness Mourning

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In the South, stories leave marks on the terrain as real as any road or building. They have weight. They cast shadows. Mischief Madness Mourning offers a trio of Southern Gothic tales set in the shadows.

Mischief: “An Appalachian Tail” is the story of three boys who sneak out late at night from a sleepover in search of an adventure. They get more than they expect when they encounter a bloodthirsty creature out of Appalachian folklore in the woods near where they live, but other things lurk in the darkness that might be even more deadly.

Madness: In “Mr. Samuel” Jack Pruitt returns to his childhood home in the Georgia mountains to help take care of his ailing mother. She suffers from dementia and has delusions. At least Jack believes that’s what they are until one of her delusions talks to him one evening.

Mourning: “Prudence Black” tells the story of Abraham Black, who wants nothing more than to mourn the passing of his daughter Prudence in peace. However, when others in the small Depression-era Mississippi community are struck by the same mysterious illness that took her, their family members ask Abraham to agree to the unthinkable—let them dig Prudence up in search of a monster.