When You Wish Upon a Death Star

After taking a few days to process the news that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm, I have finally formulated an opinion, which I will now share, because I know you all care. My official opinion is that I am withholding judgment. Many people are bemoaning this development as an occasion to break out the mourning clothes, but here are a few points that give me, shall we say, a new hope:

  1. To put it diplomatically, George Lucas and I do not share the same creative vision for the Star Wars franchise. (Han shot first.) If Disney and I have similar disagreements, well then I’m not really out anything.
  2. Several years ago, Disney acquired Marvel, and the world ended, and another good Marvel superhero movie was never made. Except that didn’t happen. We all got The Avengers, possibly the most awesome superhero movie of all time.
  3. It has become increasingly evident that my efforts to save my daughter from the clutches of the Disney princess-industrial complex are largely futile, but I am encouraged by the fact that one Disney princess now knows how to use a blaster.

So there you have it, the final word on this issue: We’ll see.