Now You Can Get Autographed Copies of My Books!

I didn’t make it to any in-person cons in 2020 for reasons that are obvious to anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock, and it doesn’t look good for 2021 so far either, but if you still want an autographed copy of one of my books now you can get it! I’ve set up a Square Store where you can order paperbacks and have them shipped directly to you. Just click for J. Matthew Saunders Books!

5 Vampire Novels That Don’t Sparkle

The vampire, perennial monster, has received somewhat of a makeover in recent years. For almost two decades it has become romantic hero and seducer, often aimed at younger consumers. Twilight as well as the Vampire Diaries series may be the most obvious exponents of this trend, but the seeds were already planted in shows like Buffy (remember Angel?), and the territory continues to be watered with numerous vampire men in the urban fantasy or romance section of the bookstore, who must invariably profess eternal love to a nubile woman.

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