Horror Haiku No. 4

“I don’t believe in
ghosts,” said Henry. “Neither do
I,” the ghost replied.

One thought on “Horror Haiku No. 4

  1. marival58 August 6, 2016 / 2:36 pm

    My friend, Dean Kuch, and I, Gypsy Blue Rose, co-author a horror haiku book. It’s a renga type of poem with a story line. We don’t plan a plot. The plot is unfolding as we go. It’s our first book. I have been writing haiku for two years.

    I haven’t seen many horror haiku online and I was excited to find yours. How long how you been writing horror haiku? Do you know about it’s history? Is it a western style or Japanese?
    I know about death haiku but that is different.

    Okay, I hope to hear from you. marival58@gmail.com fanstory.com >gypsybluerose

    Thank you,


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