Read a Free Excerpt from Daughters of Shadow and Blood – Book I: Yasamin (Part 3)

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Daughters of Shadow and Blood – Book I: Yasamin, I am releasing a free excerpt once a week until release day on May 3, 2015. This is Part 3. Read Part 1 and Part 2. I hope you enjoy! Please share and order your copy today!


Berlin, Germany

12 August 1999

Yasamin Ashrafi drummed her fingers on the arm of the divan, a slow, relentless rhythm that beat in time with Adam’s heart. “Your first experience with a knife to your throat?”

“And hopefully my last,” he replied.

“Hopefully. It never does get easier.”

Adam watched the rise and fall of her exquisite fingers as they danced over the dark, polished wood of the divan’s arm. “No, no, I wouldn’t imagine it does.”

“How fortunate for you, though, that someone came to your aid, and what a coincidence for this woman to arrive at the very moment you needed her.”

“Not so much of a coincidence, as I discovered.”

“Oh really?”

“She was following me.”

The drumming stopped. Her expression darkened, if such a thing was possible.

“Did she follow you here?”

Adam found relief in the sudden silence that before had been so oppressive. “Over the past ten days I’ve had the opportunity to learn lessons I never wanted to learn. I made certain neither she nor anyone else could follow me here.”

“If you’re lying—”

“I’m not stupid, Mrs. Ashrafi. Believe me.”

Her mouth curled up into the same twisted smile. “Only time will tell if that is true.”

“You promised to answer my question if I answered yours.”

“And I intend to keep that promise. But I am curious about one more thing. The name you found in the ledger of Janos Kovács. You said you had come across it elsewhere. Where, exactly?”

Adam made every attempt to remain nonchalant. “Odd documents, none of them related to one another, sometimes separated by centuries. A very tantalizing puzzle, but also frustrating. I only recently came upon some information that let me follow the trail down the rabbit hole.”

“Quite another coincidence.”

“Maybe there are no coincidences,” Adam countered. “I’ve noticed that if God wants to send you a message, he’ll often leave clues to follow. They may seem random and unrelated, but they are impossible to miss or ignore.”

She began tapping her fingers again. “Be careful Dr. Mire, or you may learn, as I did, that God isn’t always the one leaving the clues.”

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