Music Thursday: Celtic Woman “Sí Do Mhaimeo Í”

Because Monday is already taken. This column will feature music I listen to when I write, or maybe sometimes music I just like (and therefore think everyone else should, too).

I vehemently disagree with J.R.R. Tolkien on one very important point. He thought the Welsh language was melodic and beautiful but Irish Gaelic was harsh and ugly. He based Sindarin, one of his Elvish languages, partly on Welsh, while Irish Gaelic was one of his inspirations for the Black Speech, the language of Sauron’s evil minions. (The Irish Gaelic word for “pig” is orc.)

I love Welsh and Irish Gaelic and all of the other Celtic languages, and would do almost anything for time to learn them. I think they’re all beautiful. Take a listen to this song in Irish Gaelic:

The traditional Irish song is called “Sí Do Mhaimeo Í.” In English it’s usually called “The Wealthy Widow,” or more plainly, “The Hag with the Money.” The singer is Méav Ní Mhaolchatha, an Irish soprano and native Irish Gaelic speaker.

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