Music Thursday: Niyaz “The Hunt”

Because Monday is already taken. This column will feature music I listen to when I write, or maybe sometimes music I just like (and therefore think everyone else should, too).

Like a lot of other writers, I like to listen to music while I’m writing to get myself in a certain frame of mind. In my novel The Brides, Book I: Yasamin the book’s title character is an Ottoman Turkish girl from the sixteenth century living in the court of the Pasha of Buda. My Enver Karadag short stories are set in Istanbul. That means I listen to a lot of music from the Middle East. This song, “The Hunt” by the group Niyaz, has become one of my favorites:

The language Azam Ali, the singer, is singing is Farsi, but she also sings in Urdu and sometimes Turkish and Dari. Many of their songs are taken from the poems of medieval Sufi mystics.

One thought on “Music Thursday: Niyaz “The Hunt”

  1. theparisreviewblog January 9, 2014 / 4:38 pm

    What a great song to write to. I always have to have music on when I write, so I love the new material! I have a literary blog too, so the next time I post I should listen to this.

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