“A Different Kind of Devil”

A Different Kind of DevilThere should be more blood, thinks Enver Karadag, inspector with Istanbul’s Special Crimes Division, as he stands over the mutilated body. It unsettles him, too, that the wounds on the man’s neck seem to have been made by something other than a human.

But most disturbing of all is the look of horror frozen on the victim’s face. It is just one in a trail of dead bodies left across the city, and soon Enver discovers not only the connection the victims share, but also the troubling connection they have to him. He realizes that in order to bring the brazen killer to justice, he will have to offer up his own life as bait.

“A Different Kind of Devil” takes the reader on a journey through the complicated and often contradictory modern city of Istanbul, where progress has failed to banish the demons of the past and tourists share the streets with creatures thought only to exist in legend.

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