And what does your cigar mean, Dr. Freud?

I’ve been having a recurring dream for several years, now.  Well, it’s not exactly a recurring dream, because it’s not the same dream every time, but the theme is the same, so I guess it’s more of a recurring dream motif.  Anyway, in this dream, I’m back in either high school or college, and it’s the beginning of the term, which means new classes and a new schedule.

For the most part, everything is perfectly normal.  I don’t fly.  I’m not in a compromising state of undress in a public place.  Nothing like that.  The problem is that I keep forgetting to go to one of my classes.  It’s like I have a mental block.  I have trouble even remembering that I’m taking the class, let alone remembering to attend or to do any assignments for it.  The funny thing is that the subject of the class isn’t always the same from dream to dream.  I’d say that more than half the time, it’s a math-related class like Calculus or physics (a subject in which I have never taken a class in real life).  Sometimes though, it’s a language class like Russian or German.  Other times, it’s been a psychology class (!) or an English literature class.

Since I have this kind of dream on a regular basis, it must mean something, but I’m not sure what….  Wait, should I be doing something else right now?

One thought on “And what does your cigar mean, Dr. Freud?

  1. vonnia March 19, 2009 / 1:42 am

    The class subjects fall into two categories: either science skills or com skills. I note the lack of practical application classes: typing, drafting, phys-ed, woodshop.

    Maybe questioning why you ‘didn’t’ include certain class subjects could lead to why you did include others, and to the meaning of the dream.

    Only you know what the dreams mean, but I’d suggest that you pay attention to the subjects of classes you dream about, compared to the subjects of the classes that haven’t entered your dreams.

    I’m no dream interpreter, and I may be wildly off, but I love hearing about other people’s dreams.

    Great blog, BTW, I just discovered it.

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