New Orleans Fleur-de-lis

Here’s another design from BLAZONED.

New Orleans Fleur-de-lis
New Orleans Fleur-de-lis

From 1755 to 1763, the English evicted the French-speaking Acadians from Maritime Canada. Many of them ended up in the Francophone area around New Orleans. There, the “Acadians” gradually became “Cajuns.” The fleur-de-lis has long been associated with French settlers in the New World.

Interestingly enough, the fleur-de-lis is a stylized representation of an iris, despite the fact that the name means “flower of the lily” in French.

Cajun music is unique and immediately recognizable. The words is the design are adapted from a traditional Cajun ballad. It is in Cajun French and sung by a man to a woman whom he loves, even though she refuses to marry him.

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