Change is Good

I have decided that my efforts to maintain five blogs over the last several months betray in me an acute lack of common sense, so I’m not doing it anymore. Gone is my writing portfolio, which duplicated most of the content from this blog anyway. Gone is the blog I used to promote my t-shirt company, BLAZONED, which sounded like a great idea but actually wound up being kind of boring. Gone is Pack Your Fork, my travel/restaurant review blog, which also sounded like a great idea but ran out of steam when I realize I hadn’t really traveled a lot of places. Gone is The Calinferno, which I started to vent my angers and frustrations at living in Southern California but only made me angrier and more frustrated.

I have begun to integrate the salvageable content from those blogs with this one, and to signify the change, I’ve changed themes, as well.  Welcome change.  Change is good.

One thought on “Change is Good

  1. rebecca December 14, 2008 / 9:13 am

    change is good and the blog looks great.

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