Google Map Fail

EDIT:  Apparently Google Maps fixed the problem.  Now I guess you’ll just have to trust me.  You trust me, don’t you?

So I’m writing today, and for the scene I’m working on, I need to know roughly how long it might take to get from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.  No problem, I think, I’ll just go to trustworthy Google Maps to find out.  It gave should have given me this:

See anything wrong with the map above? Note that according to Google Maps, one shouldn’t take the conveniently located highway between the two cities.  Apparently that’s for sissies.  No, the preferred route is to take the ferry to Bari, Italy, drive to Brindisi, Italy, take the ferry there to Paxi, Greece, take another ferry to Parga, Greece, drive through the Albanian cities of Durrës and Shkodër, into Montenegro and through its capital of Podgorica before finally entering Bosnia and Herzegovina and arriving in its lovely capital.  For the record, that’s six countries, six languages, three alphabets, 885 miles, and 28 hours to travel between two cities that are roughly 150 miles apart.

I sure hope Google fixes their algorithm before they take over the world.  Of course, that could be their evil plan.  Get everyone lost and then swoop in to fill the vacuum.  There’s a conspiracy we sould be trying to spread.

7 thoughts on “Google Map Fail

  1. ligo October 30, 2008 / 1:19 am

    Man, Google knows from all your past searches who you are. It knows as a writer you sometimes get caught up in a bit of conventional thinking. Your plot was going to be somewhat trivial with a straight trip Dubrovnik – Sarajevo. You need to spice it up and develop a plot that makes the round trip plausible.

    Say thank you to Google 🙂

  2. Håkan Heed October 30, 2008 / 12:39 pm

    Google map isn’t always right!

  3. mcloide October 30, 2008 / 1:17 pm

    That’s insane. Love it.

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