Search Terms that Ought not Be

Apologies for getting all meta with the blogging today, but I am just a wee bit skeeved by a search term through which someone found this blog.  Someone actually searched “hairy nuns.”  Seriously?  That’s just not right.  I had to think a while about how my blog would turn up in such a search, and I finally remembered that a short story I wrote, Hairy (as in “a hairy situation”), makes a passing reference to a soup kitchen run by Orthodox nuns.  I think Dr. Phil needs to make a house call on this person.  Or Jerry Springer.  Or both.

2 thoughts on “Search Terms that Ought not Be

  1. Steph May 21, 2008 / 8:28 am

    Ha! Sorry, but that’s incredibly amusing. I think I would feel honored if someone found my blog that way.

    Since you’re also a writer, I wanted to mention an e-zine me and a few writer friends are putting together.

    It’s called The Oddville Press.
    (Website under construction)

    We’re just getting off the ground, so our website is still under construction. But, if you’re interested, you should check us out and submit a story, if you like.


  2. trish May 22, 2008 / 3:43 pm

    LOL! I wrote a post once that probably brings at least one rogue visitor a day…I don’t think what THEY’RE searching for is quite what I was referring to.

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