Half of the Books

We’re trying to sell our house currently.  Not much luck.  We finally broke down and brought in a “stager” to make our house more appealing to potential buyers.  We have a lot of books.  They are, however, stacked nicely on book shelves.  Personally, I think they’re attractive.  One of the first things the “stager” said was that we needed to remove “half of the books”  to make the house less intimidating.  My mouth dropped.  It’s not like we’re leaving the books to loom over whoever buys the house, (Although that is a funny mental image.) or that we have copies of The Anarchist’s Cookbook and How to Hide the Body:  A Primer for Beginning Serial Killers on display.

I’m not so sure I would want to sell my house to someone who would be intimidated by all of our books.

3 thoughts on “Half of the Books

  1. Steph May 16, 2008 / 1:16 pm

    Just exactly whom do books intimidate? An illiterate (read: stager)? A teenager? Someone with bibliophobia?

    That’s sacrilege!

  2. rebecca May 22, 2008 / 7:11 am

    it’s unfortunately because many people still do not READ and so can’t see themselves in a house populated with reading material! sorry, they can’t look beyond that….amazing as that may sound. i work with a woman who has ZERO books in her house, and i’ve also known a few others who at the mere mention of a book, their initial response is “UGH!” enough said.

    when my husband and i moved from our condo to our first home (i was 27, he 28), we had 30 boxes of books! and that was after we donated many to the local library! we couldn’t part with them for they a)had a sentimental value, b)my husband had tons of photography and art hardcovers, c) all of my english lit books read and earmarked thru years at college and that i still loved, d) books that i just generally loved and would reread again…etc….etc…etc….

    fortunately for us, the man who bought our condo didn’t mind and felt quite comfortable as he was a book collector himself…

    good luck!

  3. trish May 22, 2008 / 3:48 pm

    Hehehe…this made me giggle.

    Maybe you could arrange them by color (I saw this somewhere else…), you know, the dominant color on the spine? Then it would be more like art, and people appreciate art.

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