An Hour A Day

So, three hundred pages down, three hundred to go.  I’m halfway to the goal length for my novel.  Why six hundred pages?  I did some calculating. Using twelve-point Courier, double-spaced, six hundred pages is roughly 120,000 words.  That’s a little on the longish side for a commercial novel, but I’ve factored in some room to fudge. 

I’m afraid, though, that I’m not really into celebrating.   I know what I went through to get those three hundred pages.  Now I’m faced with three hundred more.  Right now, I’m getting about an hour a night to write, after my wife falls asleep and before I nod off myself. In that time, I can get about a page written.  So, if I’m very, very lucky, I’m looking at another year before I finish and another year, more than likely, of editing.  I keep telling myself that if I can handle four (yes, four) years of law school on top of working full-time, then I can do this.  I hope so, at least.

So how do you balance work, life, and writing?  If you find the answer, let me know.  If I find the answer, I’ll let you know.

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