Albanian Word of the Day

albaniaflag.gifThe Albanian word for Albania is Shqipëria.  I don’t know why I find this fact so fascinating, other than the fact that before I began researching Albania (and Kosovo) for my novel that I knew absolutely nothing about Albania or its people.  It just goes to show how narrow our focus can be when it comes to a topic.  When we think of European history, we (at least in my experience) think of Henry VIII or the French Revolution or World War II, not anything having to do with Albania, and yet, Albania is as much a part of Europe and its history as England, France, and Germany.

The Albanian name, by the way, means “Land of the Eagles.”

One thought on “Albanian Word of the Day

  1. Ibikunle March 13, 2007 / 3:17 pm

    I have learnt atleast one thing from reading this blog-the Albanian name for Albania.
    Nice blog!

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