My Favorite Dictionary

I have a favorite dictionary, and apparently, this makes me a dork, but it’s true.  When I’m writing, my American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language is never far from my side.  I’m not sure, I like it for what I guess you would call its depth and the scholarship that goes into it.  No other dictionary comes close to its thoroughness in studying and cataloguing actual American English usage. And the index of Indo-European roots is pretty nifty.

My wife disagrees.  She likes Webster’s, which I find a little too shallow?  I’m not sure that make sense, but it’s as close as I can describe my feelings.   Se prefers its straightforwardness.

We were arguing over the meaning of a word in front of a friend who was visiting.  Finally my wife said, “Okay, go get the dictionary,” to which I responded, “Which one?”  Our friend didn’t know what to do with the fact that we owned more than one dictionary.  (Actually, we own five or six.)  I guess we’re both dorks.  And for the record, if you think that arguing over the definition of a word is bad, we once had an argument over the proper role of the Dative case in Latin. Sad, but again true.

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